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I have made over $2,000 with TT! I started TT on May 16, 2006 and was VERY wary. When people told me I could earn money online by completing surveys I did not think they could be serious and I figured there had to be some sort of catch. I decided to try TT because it looked interesting and by reading the TT forums the site just seemed legit and it looked like fun. Little did I know how much I would benefit from Treasure Trooper! It has now been 6 months since I first tried TT, and I have received paychecks for no less than $350 every month! I have earned $2,265.33 and I continue to make more money every month! I have also earned $150 in Visa Gift Cards, and a huge emerald gem for winning a contest in the forums! TT is always hosting great contests for money and prizes, and really values its members! Another great thing about TT is it costs you absolutely nothing! You don't need a credit card and you don't have to pay to join... it is totally FREE!

- Lena

Well, I just got my first payment. Didn't really surprise me because I could tell this site was the real deal. I can also tell that it is going to be around for awhile because it isn't trying to pay out money it doesn't have. The thing I love the most about this site is that you are not only winning money... you receive "treasure" for everything you complete and can trade the treasure for other stuff. It's a video game!

- Jeff

I know this message is meaningless to you, but I just wanted to let you know that you are doing great with your site, and it is the most fun I've ever had on a Pay To site. I always thought Pay to Complete Offers were dumb, but your site makes it fun, and it beats out all the other sites, with the nice treasure theme. And you picked a good theme, not like a cowboy theme I saw, which really, really stunk. Well, great job, and I know that TreasureTrooper will be around for a LONG, LONG time.

- Justin

When my friend first told me about TreasureTrooper, I thought he was pulling my leg! He told me "You can get free money just for doing online surveys, No credit card needed!". When he said "No Credit Card Needed", I really couldn't believe him! I've only been using TreasureTrooper since Yesterday and I aleady made 17 dollars! Thanks TT!

- Dean

I love Mabutu! I stop by his store at least every other day just to visit him. He's fun and I like the stuff that he sells. Yesterday, he sold me a pearl friendship bracelet for 8 pearls (which I earned for free). The bracelet automatically gave me 2 referrals! They have already made me $3.50 so I'm happy. Thanks so much for such a great program and keep up the good work.

- Gweneth

Hi everybody, my name is Jim and I have made several hundred dollars with TreasureTrooper.com in a short period of time. I am a 61 year old retiree on a low fixed income and Treasure Trooper has really been a great place to make additional monies. Their offers pay top dollar, are easy to complete, and many are quick to be approved. If you are not yet a member, consider becoming my referral and I will coach you how to mirror my success. Email me at offercoach@yahoo.com if you are interested.

- Jim

TreasureTrooper gets 2 thumbs up! I just got my TreasureTrooper mousepad in the mail today and its AWESOME! The really awesome part is that I also got $100 on the 15th of this month. I didn't even have to do much more than sign up for a couple of programs. It probably took me less than an hour in total. Maybe it took more because time seems to fly when I'm on this site. With all the free mini-games and stuff, you guys have a great concept here and I know we can expect great things from you in the future. Not to say there aren't great things now. Cuz there are! Ok, I'll shut up.

- Allen

Great site you guys. I ran your banner on my website and quickly got some referrals which have made me some really good money. 20% commission is nearly unheard of in this industry, yet you guys offer it. Also, the 5% second level commission is a nice treat as well. I haven't done any offers yet because my referrals are earning enough money for me. When you paid me on the 15th I decided that this is one program I'll be promoting for a long time. Good luck with your program and don't hesitate to contact me if there's anything I can be doing to promote this site better.

- Caroline

Well I started on TT the 26th of January (Feb 17th today)... only did a few offers the first couple of days then pretty much let it sit for little over a week. Last week I started doing more offers (will have to wait until next payout to go really hard core since then I will have my paypal debit card and another payout under my belt hehe). Since last week I have purchased 3 friendship bracelets, gotten/found all gems (ruby, sapphire, emerald, diamond) purchased the forum treasure hunt ticket, $96.60 total approved funds, and on my way to working on my treasure map. Now to get my friends to start joining up. Not only does the money come in handy, but man it sure is a blast getting it for next to nothing!

Thanks Treasure & Co.

- Cilla

Treasure Trooper is the best get paid to site. It is very user friendly and interesting, it feels like a game; completing offers and gaining treasures. The offers are extremely easy to do and straight foward. You can be rolling in the dough within hours. No other site pays this much to complete offers, you also get an unheard of 20% of whatever your referrals make, and 5% of what your referals' referals make. This site is the greatest!!!

- James

I've never done a Get Paid site before and was pretty skeptical. But because it was free and there were hundreds of offers to complete that didn't cost me anything but some information, I figured I'd give it a shot. Well it sure worked out as easy as they said it would because after just spending a few hours completing offers I already have gotten $122 approved. Thanks TT!

- Peter

I can't believe how easy this site is to work with and that it actually.....well works! I just joined about a week ago and from doing the 100% free offers alone I have made over $40 plus $14 refferal commission just from 2 refferals! I like the overall theme of the site, with treasures and gold and it gives the site a warm feel. I really like how you can track your pending offers so you know what has yet to be approved. TT is growing very fast and I am very happy for them. Keep it up TT!

- Winston

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