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In over six years of doing business, the question that we hear repeatedly is, "Is this for real?" It's natural to be skeptical of a website promising to send you money, and we certainly don't blame you for being cautious. While nothing will be as convincing as when you hold that first check in your hands, we've put together a few resources to hopefully help alleviate some of your skepticism.


TreasureTrooper has paid its members millions of dollars to date, and many of them have posted proof of their payment. Thousands have posted in our payment proof thread on the forum, and still others have sent us physical pictures which we have added to our payment proof gallery.

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There's no better way to stifle your skepticism than by hearing what other members have to say about their experience on TreasureTrooper. You can view our testimonials, but lets be honest... anybody can make up a testimonial. You can visit our forum and see what people are saying about us, but even that doesn't compare to the effect of a live conversation. For this, we recommend checking out our member-run chatroom where you can talk live with dozens of other members who were once looking for answers just like you. Ask them how much money they've made, if they're happy with their TreasureTrooper experience, and anything else you can think of.

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Question: How does TreasureTrooper make the money to pay us?
Answer: There are thousands of companies out there looking for regular people (that's you) to sample or take surveys about their products. These companies pay us to send them these consumers (you again) and we then pay you a generous portion of this in return.

Question: Will the information I give you be used to hurt me in any way?
Answer: The information you give to TreasureTrooper will never be sold to outside parties or used to harass you via spam, telemarketers, or junk mail. View our Privacy Policy for full details.

Question: Do I have to spend money to make money here?
Answer: Absolutely not! We have hundreds of 100% free offers, surveys, tasks and more all just waiting for your completion. Come join the fun and see what we're all about. You won't be disappointed!

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