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May 1st
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Dragon Scale Guide

There are many easy ways to earn a few extra dragon scales on TreasureTrooper. We know, however, that this is a big site with many different features and so it can get confusing trying to keep track of it all. To help ease some of that confusion, we have created the following guide. Designed to help you maximize your dragon scale income, this guide will lay out all of the many ways that you can acquire the only currency that Cogg's Coop accepts!

Daily Surveys - Not only do you earn cash when completing these surveys, but you'll receive dragon scales as well. Each survey has its own "chain bonus" and, as you complete consecutive surveys, you'll earn more and more scales. You can earn 40 scales each day here! 1,200 scales each month!

Scale Offers - TreasureTrooper has many offers listed under "Cash Offers" that pay you in dragon scales. These tend to be simple, easy-to-complete offers that you won't see anywhere else. You can find these by clicking "Cash Offers" then looking for the offers with the little scale icon next to them. Or, just choose "Dragon Scales" in the "Sort By" dropdown menu!

Scale Scavenger - Watch videos to earn Dragon Scales here, or become a VIP to unlock the VIP Scavenger feature. There are hundreds of new offers that pay out in Dragon Scales!

Currency Converter - With our Currency Converter feature, you can trade your dollars and arrowheads for dragon scales. Arrowheads can be earned at our Cash Search and Dig Site features.

Chatroom Participation - Apart from being a great way to connect with other troopers, out chatroom also has many opportunities to earn additional dragon scales. Be active for an hour, and you'll get 2 scales every day! Recommend an offer and you'll get scales (plus cash) when 7 people complete it. Guess the word of the day, and you'll get an additional 5 scales. Finally, participate in our hourly offer contests to win free dragon scales and cash!

Dragon Lair - You can pull scales from your adult dragons and even harvest them in the Slaughter Mill. Additionally, you can win dragon scales from certain Dragon Battles in the Training Grounds.

Cryptic Treasure - Follow us on our many Social Networking platforms and keep an eye out for the occasional Cryptic Treasure code. Cryptic Treasure codes can be redeemed for dragon scales, arrowheads, cash, platinum coins, and more! You can find a list of our social sites, along with the Cryptic Treasure input, on our Community page.