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Feb 19th
Chat Party is tonight at 6pm CST! Chat.

Feb 15th
Payday! Thousands of dollars paid this month! Proof.

Feb 1st
*NEW* Pick-N-Play Contest! Win cash, gift cards and electronics! Details.

Jan 27th
Weekly Facebook Contest is now live! Enter to win cash!

Daily Survey #5

You can now receive additional Dragon Scales when you complete consecutive Daily Surveys. If you successfully complete this Daily Survey for three days in a row, we will start giving you two Dragon Scales each day instead of one. Complete 10 in a row and start getting three. Complete 20 consecutive and get four. If you complete this Daily Survey 30 days in a row, you will start getting five Dragon Scales each day! (This is in addition to the $.50 that you will receive each day.)

You have never completed Daily Survey #5