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Jan 16th
Chat Party Tonight from 6-8pm CST! Chat.

Jan 15th
Payday! Thousands of dollars paid this month! Proof.

Jan 1st
Survey Stampede starts today! Earn $80 extra this January! Details.

Nov 25th
Dig Site #3 and Dig Site #6 are all new!

Cash Radio

Get paid to listen to music while you multitask! To get started, simply click the button below to open up the radio window and begin listening. Check back every 10 minutes and input the Captcha that will pop up. Every one that you enter will earn you 1 Arrowhead!

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Team Effort

Work together with other members of the TreasureTrooper Community to reach the daily goal and win a group prize! To contribute, simply enter as many Captchas as you can to help fill up the thermometer below. When the thermometer is filled, everybody that contributed at least 10 Captchas will get 1 FREE pearl! Additionally, the top 15 Captcha Contributors of the day will receive 1 gold coin and 1 dragon scale!




Here you can see who has entered the most Captchas today, yesterday, and this month. Try to get your name to the top of the list.

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