Contest Standings

Our popular "Winner Wonderland" contest is back this year with all new amazing prizes! The top 25 earners on TreasureTrooper, during the month of December, will win the prizes listed below*. If you would prefer, you can opt to receive the cash equivalent instead of the prize**. Platinum Coins will count as $1.00, Dragon Scales $0.15, and Arrowheads $0.01 towards your earnings.

This year, we are adding a twist. You will only be able to see everyone's earnings on the leaderboard for the first and last five days of the month. For the rest of the month, you'll see the standings, but not the actual dollar earnings. Yes, the suspense will be unbearable, so keep trucking along so you don't get passed up!

To be eligible for this contest, you must have a forum account that is linked to your TreasureTrooper account from your My Profile page.

Rank Member Earnings Prize
1st nikkums ??? Apple Watch Series 3
2nd jstamped ??? Nintendo Switch
3rd surveyguy ??? xBox One S
4th abba ??? Amazon Fire HD 10
5th StephanieBeth ??? $50 Gift Card
6th david89 ??? Amazon Echo Dot
7th zerozed0 ??? $40 Gift Card
8th Raiga_13 ??? Maze Runner Trilogy BluRay
9th dap123 ??? $30 Gift Card
10th MikeSol ??? Stranger Things Season 2 DVD
11th scotty2hotty ??? This Is Us Season 2 DVD
12th lilmonkey1959 ??? $20 Gift Card
13th Attackdog ??? Jurassic World 2 BluRay
14th pamela ??? Avengers Infinity War BluRay
15th Mumienjj ??? $15 Gift Card
16th livinglegend ??? $10 Gift Card
17th pharmdoc35 ??? 10 Platinum Coins
18th jarhead3030 ??? $5 Added to your account
19th janniec ??? 5 Platinum Coins
20th dnnyhook ??? 300 Arrowheads
21st krishunt ??? 1 Dragon Egg
22nd eve129 ??? 7 Dragon Scales
23rd tgreene66 ??? 2 Bingo Cards
24th Icefyre ??? 5 Pearls
25th yellowsubmarine ??? 3 Gold Coins
26th Adman1989 ??? ---
27th GLMoney ??? ---
28th Shelilah ??? ---
29th Christine90 ??? ---
30th rockettoya ??? ---

*   Minimum earnings of $150 required for top 10 prizes.
**  Cash value to be based on lowest possible purchase price for new item at time of prize distribution.

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